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Created by © Wakefull Nights 2018, (Composed and Songwriting: Volker Tuschick)

  Play Titel Interpret
1. Alice in Wonderland Wakefull Nights
2. Wakefull Nights Wakefull Nights
3.   Nine Gates to Hell Wakefull Nights
4.   Kissing the Devil - Follow her Wakefull Nights
5.   Dreams of the Wolves (Intrumental) Wakefull Nights
6.   Desert Storm Wakefull Nights
7.   When the Dragons fly Wakefull Nights
8. Paradise Within Temptation
9. Stand my Ground Within Temptation
10. Iron Within Temptation
11.   Somewhere Within Temptation
12.   The Howling Within Temptation
13.   Fire and Ice Within Temptation
14.   Awakening - Empty Eyes Within Temptation
15.   Let us Burn Within Temptation
16.   Dangerous Within Temptation
17.   Heart of the Hurrican Beyond the Black
18. Unbroken Beyond the Black
19. When Angels Fall Beyond the Black
20.   Lost in Forever Beyond the Black
21.   Hysteria Beyond the Black
22.   Over the Hills and far away Nightwish
23. Nemo Nightwish
24. Walking in the Air Nightwish
25. Ever Dream Nightwish
26. Èlan Nightwish
27. I wish I had an Angel Nightwish
28.   Ghost Love Score Nightwish
29.   She is my sin Nightwish
30.    Last Ride of the Day Nightwish
31.   Sleeping Sun Nightwish
32.   I want my tears back Nightwish
33.   7 Days of the Wolves Nightwish
34.   Harvest Nightwish
35.   Hows's the Heart Nightwish
36.   Eden Battle Beast
37.   You make me feel Bonfire (Symphonic vs. Rock/Metal)


© Wakefull Nights 2018